Captured Around The World

Andrea Zapp has translated photographic searches from her global travels into a unique visual portfolio on fabric, with photo-realistic shapes and inspirations forming the essence of each stunning hand-made garment.

Tailored tunics and elegant shift dresses set the scene for the 22 piece collection, which takes the wearer on a journey around the globe. Bold architectural formations provide sharp and geometric silhouettes; foreign landscapes and miniature scenarios evoke a sense of memory; and the design objective strikes the balance between story, structure and texture.

Made in the UK
100% Satin Silk
100% Habotai Silk Lining


Barges in Yorkshire

Barges in Yorkshire

Rajnagar Mills in Arsava

Lake in Lancashire

Junk Shop in Vienna

Balconies near Gateway of India

Evening in Trafford

1970 in Germany

Prater Ferris Wheel in Vienna

Le Corbusier in India

Rio Tejo near Lisbon

Afternoon Sun in Mumbai

Computer Antiques in Manchester

Monsoon Season in Goa

Old Post Office in Liverpool

Stairs near Astodia Gate

Midday Sleep in Gujarat

Riverside in Almada

1987 in Riga

Dinner at Pam & John’s

Moorings in Vancouver

At Art School in Manchester