AZ. is a womenswear and conceptual design label with a strong artistic manifest creating a truly authentic profile in fashion and print. It is inspired by German born Andrea Zapp’s background in film and her travels as an internationally exhibiting media artist. Her distinct photography forms the continuum for AZ. designs with unaltered and most unusual photo-real imagery that is carefully mapped onto patterns, creating outstanding textures and accentuating garment shapes. Natural landscapes or cities, collectables and everyday finds are captured in transit, providing inspiration for original collection stories and design concepts. The creative thinking process is often stimulated by contemporary aesthetics attributed to architecture or modernist art and design. Minimalist and linear styles form a screen and canvas for intricate visuals.

The brand has been retailing with Selfridges and in Asia, and has established a cult following in the art world. It has showcased at the Saatchi Gallery at Scoop/London Fashion Week, Singapore Fashion Week, at Fashion Scout/Paris Fashion Week, and Bunka Gallery Tokyo.

A conceptual strength of AZ. is a site-specific visual approach in the design stories. AZ. has developed a portfolio of exclusive limited editions and collaborations that are often combined with public art exhibitions and commissioned by museums, galleries and other public partners in the UK.
If you are interested in a collaboration or creative research idea, please do get in touch.

The AZ. design studio is based in Manchester, England, in the Digital Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University where Andrea works as a researcher in Fashion, Media and Technology.
She currently also researches into the future of fashion and technologies, investigating the potential of future smart fabrics for design purposes and new visual production concepts in fashion and design.

You can find more information on Andrea's artistic career here: